S17E08: Kate Barron


Getting out with Kate Barron.

A favourite of the show, comedian Kate Barron returns just prior to her move to England. If you get the chance to see her, please do. She’s wonderful.

Join Kate and TVA as they bantz about the following:

– For four days there, Canadian comedians made no money
– Some foods just eat weird
– Dammit we can’t have nice things

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E07: Tarra Stubbins


Sorting it out with Tarra Stubbins.

Tarra is a concierge to the stars and, yeah, you could say she has a story or two.

Join Tarra and TVA as they tour through the following:

– Nickelback: The Nickelback of Nickelback
– Join us as we nap through the Rolling Stones
– Sandra Bullock is a delight. So is Keith Richards!

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E06: Derek Forgie


Bringing it in with Derek Forgie.

Derek returns, fave of the podcast, creator of the “10 Minute Talk Show” and “Kiss a Ginger Day” and roots-level social activist. Always a pleasure to have him into the studio.

Join Derek and TVA as they SOMETHING the following:

– If you see something, say something.
– Snuggles from Ed Sheeran
– Write Em Up!

Thanks and enjoy!