S17E16: Matt DiSero


Cruising with Matt DiSero.

Matt is a long-time friend, first-time guest. A wonderful comedian and magician, his marrying of both crafts is truly magical.

Join Matt and TVA as they present the following:

– What are magician green rooms like?
– Magicians should get a bit of respect
– Christina Hendricks is way cool

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E15: Barry Taylor


Sinking 3s with Barry Taylor.

Barry is the founder of Comedy Records, the first all-comedy record label in Canada that’s celebrating its ninth year in July. He’s also one of the hosts of the Talking Raptors podcast. Listen to both things.

Join Barry and TVA as they dribble through the following:

– We are happy the CASC is a thing.
– Road gigs. Gotta love them.
– Open mics: Is there?

Thanks and enjoy!


S17E14: Andre Kaden Black


Slamming the door shut with Andre Kaden Black.

Andre is a musician and producer who will be part of The Producers Panel at CMW. Make sure you check it out.

Join AKB and TVA as they play through the following:

– Where do you find your music?
– How do you make it
– Will Andre and Todd fight?

Thanks and enjoy!